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Findings from the flea market! 
A few weeks ago I picked this up from a table mostly selling old paperback novels and VCR tapes. Written in English by English speaking scholars of literature and published in Sweden for the Swedish upper secondary school in 1966, this copy used to belong to the school library at Söderhamns Läroverk (it took me some googling to find wherever that was!). Apart from being filled with important writers and an English literary history 101, the book is filled with notes from previous owners and borrowers, ranging from “Homework ‘til Tuesday” to translations and analysis notes.
It’s also quite a pretty book, and I’m loving every page of it. I’m sad to say that by the late 00’s, this kind of extensive education on English literature had long since left the Swedish school system (we did world literature - but there just wasn’t enough of it imo) and as such I’ve long since felt that I’ve lacked way too much knowledge in this area. Who knew a trip to the flea market could be so educational! 
(Irrelevant side note: one of the authors’ last name is Gotobed. Really? Gotobed? What kind of name is that?!)